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Kate & Co. Creative, LLC is a boutique creative agency, headquartered in Livingston, Texas, specializing in creative strategy, design and photography. Electric cooperatives are our jam, but we’ve worked with clients across all industries, including agriculture, real estate, furniture retail and even individual clients. A foundation of cohesive branding, engaging digital content and impactful publications is key to any business, large or small. We're here to help your business, organization or cause stand out in a crowd.

You’ll also see us behind the camera quite a bit. We love weddings, engaged couples and bridals—it’s a great time to be in love. Let’s chat, dream and plan your big day!




We’ve photographed families for more than a decade, but what really makes us giddy is a pretty wedding and an even more beautiful love story.

The Creative Studio

We became obsessed with typography, texture, color and patterns back when MTV still played music videos. We’ve been giving ideas life ever since. 

Digital Footprint

How do you know when it’s time for a new website? Was your current site built more than 5 years ago? Was your last blog or social media post from even longer ago? Yep, it’s time for a fresh digital footprint.

Behind the Camera with mary kate


It’s true. I’m probably going to tear up at your wedding. But it’s because I realize how important it is to take the time to get to know each couple and learn all about how you fell in love. The most important job I can take on is telling your love story, and I want to get it right. I also want to make sure I help you pick out the services that are perfect for your day and your budget—and maybe even help add an extra level of special, with services you never even thought of. Kate & Co. offers an experience for couples you simply won’t find anywhere else.


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We’re here to tell your story.

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Your Content Needs a Strategy

Sporadic blog or social media posts. An outdated website that doesn’t look good on a mobile device. Posting information here but forgetting to update contradicting information over there. Businesses today can no longer reach their audience with a listing in the phone book and a business card. With potential clients reaching you from social media, your website, Google ads, referrals—all those pieces of the puzzle have to match up and tell the same story. Additionally, your content needs to show that you’re the expert in your industry, you’re leading the curve and you offer what no one else can. And most importantly, you’ve been online to update your information since 1995.



Why should you work with a boutique creative agency? We’re not driven by the volume of clients, pulling our attention in many directions. In fact, we take on a limited client list each year, so we can remain focused on exactly what our clients need. Your point of contact at Kate & Co. Creative will be directly involved with the day-to-day work being done on your behalf, making sure your vision isn’t lost in translation as it skips across countless desks.

We believe in clear communication and the importance of creating a close working relationship. We want you to feel like our desk is just down the hall from yours, and you can pop in to say “hi” or ask a question any time. That direct communication in which our agency model is built upon improves project efficiency and client satisfaction. It allows us to focus on developing materials and content with highly personalized service. And quite frankly, makes our clients tickled pink.